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Dog Parties and Tributes - What can you do with a Dog Paw Print?

Humans have fingerprints, dogs have pawprints! I recently came across a website called Comfort Connects that deals with grieving pet parents and offers a range of ways to memorialise and pay tribute to their dogs who are now waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

I came across the site searching for the best way to get my dogs paw print, and it’s one of the Doggie activities I have planned for Cebar’s upcoming 10th Birthday Party on the 4th Sept 2021 (his actual birthday is the 1st Sept).

I would suggest getting your dogs print well before you have to deal with Rainbow Bridge and with that in mind Cebar, Whisky and the other doggie party guests will all get their paw prints done at the party.

You can use a non toxic inked such as the Colorbox Paw Prints which they claim to be pet friendly, washable and easy to apply. It comes in black, brown, grey, green, blue, pink or red for around $10.50. Another option is the non-ink stuff they use for babies hands and feet which is single use only but a lot less mess prices vary if you buy kits or just the pad alone, but I got mine for $5.50

Image from Ebay

If you are not keen on the ink/stamp look, you can also get an impression of your dogs paw in something like playdough or plasticine and then take this as a mould and fill with Plaster of Paris or acrylic to create your own 3D paw print.

Obviously, being a photographer myself, taking a photograph of your dog’s paw is also an option especially if you have a macro lens and know how to use it.

You can make your own digital print of your dogs paw print by scanning any of the above and that means you will also always have a back-up of the original just in case something happens to it.

But what will you do with your paw print when you have it? Here are some ideas that I will be suggesting to the pawrents of Cebar’s doggie party guests.

1. Wall Art

Have either the original or a digital print copy, framed to display in your home, office or workplace. You can personalise it with their name, date, quote or anything you like. You might also include a photograph of your dog as well as the print. You might also want to turn it into a shadow box with their puppy collar, or adult collar when they are waiting at Rainbow Bridge. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it to reflect your style, taste and sentiment. Totally bespoke and up to you!

2. Tattoo

If you are someone who wants a more permanent keepsake you might consider getting a tattoo of your dogs paw print, or that includes it in the design, now or in the future, when they are waiting for you at rainbow bridge. What a personal tribute.

Image from Comfort Connects

3. Custom Keepsakes

If you are handy or crafty you can DIY with some acrylic resin or check out the options from somewhere like Comfort Connects who create keepsakes fo hair, ashes and paw prints for between $100-$200. These can be jewellery to wear or ornaments for the Christmas Tree.

4. Home Decor & Clothes

How great would it look to have a cushion cover, blanket, bag, towel, apron, t-shirt, sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat, mug, plate, drink bottle etc with your dogs actual paw print on it? You can do this by uploading the digital copy of your dog’s paw print to online stores as artwork to design homeware items. If you are crafty you can make your own, eg with a Cricut machine ( I have the Cricut Maker). What a unique and special conversation piece and tribute to your dog.

5. Decals and Stickers

How fabulous would it be to have your dogs paw prints on you car or on stickers you could use around your home, office or workplace, added to your diary or daily planner, on the back of envelopes or gifts. You can upload your digital paw print to online companies as artwork for custom stickers or decals, or if you are crafty DIY using JackPaper and a printer, or a machine such as Cricut.

6. Stationary, Cards and Wrapping Paper

Using your digital paw print you can create custom stationary and greeting cards, maybe even include a photograph of your dog as well. You can print them out yourself or use an online print company.

Image from Comfort Connects

7. Composite Photograph

For those with a little tech savvy, you can use a photograph of your dog and another of its paw print to combine them together into a single image (eg in Photoshop elements or Photoshop).

8. Lead Holder

You can buy “blanks” from places like Bunnings and decorate them yourself. Or DIY from scratch with some wood, hooks and your pets paw print (ink directly on or sue a sticker or decal). If you have more than one dog you could have each of their names and paw prints on the place for their lead on the holder.


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