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Don’t Let Tomorrow Be Too Late

Rainbow Photography Sessions for Senior and Critically Ill (or Deceased) Pets

Celebrate the life of your special Fur Baby and the unique love and relationship you share together with a West Coast Woofers Rainbow Session.  


“Aunty Karen” (AIPP certified professional pet photographer) will capture the essence of your fur baby at your home, on location in nature or places they love to be, or more formally in the studio - whatever you feel best represents your fur baby’s unique personality, style and comfort level. 

The feedback from my Rainbow Session families has been incredibly positive, whether it’s in the senior years and their fur baby is still going strong, planning for that rainbow bridge crossing or even at the “now I lay me down to sleep” moment. I have never had a family regret getting Rainbow Session photos, myself included.  Pawrents tell me that when they see the photos it’s exactly what their fur baby looked like, and that I have truly captured the essence of their fur baby beautifully - just how they remembered them!


'I thought I would never forget his face
and then I woke up in a cold sweat because

I could not remember what his ears looked like.’

That’s why I pay special attention to all the little details when I take these precious rainbow photos, like the eyes, ears, paws, tails the unique fur-baby markings. I work with you to ensure the photos we take truly represent and honour your fur baby with suggestions like including their favourite places, activities, toys and of course interacting with their special humans! If you are not comfortable being in the photos don’t worry, you don’t have be, or we can also just show parts of you like your hands or legs, have you out of focus in the background or positioned so your face is not visible. 

Honour, Respect, Immortalise

These beautiful keepsake photos seal the fur baby memories and connection for pawrents and families in archival quality albums and wall art to treasure forever!

Even if your pet has already gone to Rainbow Bridge I can create custom photographic keepsakes just for you!

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