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Updated: May 6, 2021

Advances in technology mean that we can access digital media much more readily and easily and this has led to a significant decline in the number of printed photographs people have in their homes in albums, frames or on the wall. You are currently much more likely to scroll through your phone to show someone the latest pic of your cutie-pie rather than pulling out a photo album or discussing the masterpiece on your lounge room wall.

Digital media also allows us to readily share images across the country, and across the globe almost instantaneously. The growth in social media platforms has seen the rate of “selfies” and photos taken with your smart phone sky rocket…. So why do I say your precious Woofer deserves wall space?

I truly believe that a photograph is not a photograph (it’s just an image) unless

it is physically printed and is something tangible you can hold in your hand or display on your wall. Printing from your images to create archival quality photographs and artworks is one of the most important things you can do to surround yourself with love, re-live those precious experiences and preserve your memories for generations to come.

Even if you do backup your images from your smart phone to the cloud, a thumb or external hard drive, your computer or burn a disc, how often do you actually look at them? When you want to track down a particular image, how easy is it to find? What about the fragility of digital media storage - all electronic devices have the chance of crashing or corrupting - how many back-ups do your really need, and how much data storage do you have? Do you really want to risk that the only image you have of your loved one or yourself in a milestone moment, could be lost on old discs, thumb drives, crashed computers, corrupted external drives or outdated technology?

I create works of art where your Fur Baby is the STAR! And STARS deserve to shine brightly and be seen. That’s why I am so passionate about encouraging my clients to print their images. I have spend so much time choosing the finest papers, art mounts in timber boxes, exquisitely crafted frames, wall art pieces (acrylic, canvas, chromaluxe metal) and handcrafted albums by the best artisans in the business, to create my curated product collections - so you get the very best quality at the most affordable prices.

I absolutely love to see the look on your face when I unveil your artwork for the first time when you come to collect it at the studio. I am so touched when people share with me how they have displayed my artwork in their homes and how much they love to see them each day. They are not just beautiful home decor, they breathe life, personal style and emotion into your home and let you feel and re-live the experience you had in that moment, over and over each time you see them.

It’s not until tragedy strikes the you go searching for your most precious memories and that’s when you can be heartbroken to find they a lost in a digital world or no longer accessible. My son died in a motorbike accident 5 years ago when he was just 30. In my “numbness” in organising his funeral I was searching for precious photos to use as a memorial for his life - and you know what, the only ones that came easily to hand were the old printed photos from my 35mm film camera when he was growing up - in the “olden days” before digital cameras or smart phones! Now, I’m not saying they were the best photographs ever, you often never knew how they would turn out until you got the film developed - but you know what - they were there, in albums, chronologically year by year! The ones of him taken in the digital age were all over the place, some I still can’t find!!!! I had to rely on the few professional family photos we had taken the hung on walls or in table top frames, and some I had physically printed and put into scrapbook albums!

So please, don’t risk your precious memories and family history simply disappearing into thin air because you can’t find the USB, someone accidentally deleted it, the SD card/external hard drive corrupted, your computer crashed or didn’t transfer when you upgraded, or you lost you iPhone. It WILL break your heart! Invest in your future, print and preserve your memories as gorgeous works of art or bespoke albums to surround you with love every day and preserve your family history - you and you family will be thankful you did in years ahead!

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