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Whisky is Getting Crafty!

Like any other Frenchie, Whisky is very smart and curious. As the “Velco” dog typical of the breed, he follows me around most of the time and is generally underfoot or sleeping close by keeping watch on me working or "helping me" do something (usually NOT so helpful).

He has developed a bit of a recent fascination with getting into craft, particularly the wool roving from my Ashford Spinning Wheel, and my Saori Weaving Loom, that due to space are currently in our lounge area. Now let's be clear - since getting a new puppy there is absolutely NO TIME for craft of any kind, so he has not actually seen me spinning or weaving, but none the less these objects and the associated paraphernalia seem to hold his attention.

First it was the Merino roving that was on my Spinning wheel, that he had been eyeing off for some time that he decided to collect as he passed on one of his Zoomies (we call it Cracker Dog when he goes like this). As he sped past on one of his many loops around our modular lounge, he quick as lighting grabbed an end and took off!!!!!

A few days later it was the purchased wool ball (that I was using to teach my granddaughter to weave a while back) that was the attraction. This was done in total stealth mode, when I thought he was playing with one of his toys, but I then heard the sound of wicker being chewed and then chaos as he raced off with it and started pulling it apart!

Meanwhile - the look of innocence on his face very much says “Who me Mama? It wasn’t me a big dog did it and ran away!” LOL As for Cebar he just rolls his eyes - he is far to much a gentleman to ever do something so cheeky!

So his spinning and weaving techniques do seem to be more at the rudimentary level - but after all he is only 18 weeks old and not having had the advantage of any lessons, is simply “self-taught” and expressing his creativity! What can I say - he’s so obviously GIFTED! LOL


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