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What a Superstar my 8 week old Frenchie is!!!

Updated: May 6, 2021

After only 4 days with us Whisky (our 8 week old Frenchie pup) can do a Sit, Down and basic Recall all on command! Who says they are hard to train????

I spend about 5 or 10 minutes a few times a day "training" him. Not surprisingly, we are still working on his Wait for food command!

Although he is too little yet to go in an out the doggie door, I have been "normalising" him around it - popping him gently in and out every now and again. To my astonishment I hear the doggie door go - thinking it was my older dog Cebar (9 yr old English Cocker Spaniel X) only to realise he was sitting beside me - it was Whisky hopping outside all by himself. He couldn't get back in as the step up a a wee bit high, but BRAVO you brave little puppy!

I had my first go at homemade healthy low fat dog treats (because of Cebar's pancreatitis) and cooked up a storm of healthy training treats yesterday with recipes from . I made the following:

1. Carrot

2. Pumpkin and Banana

3. Mint, Parsley, Pumpkin and Apple

4. Carrot and Cheese (it was meant to also have parsley but I had run out).

I also made some Blueberry and Coconut Milk Frozen Paw Treats!

Both Whisky, and his big bro, Cebar, gave them ALL the PAWS UP!

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