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The BEST DOGGIE Mother’s Day Gift EVER!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

What Fur Mum’s Really Need This Mother’s Day….and it’s not just breakfast in bed or a bunch of flowers! The BEST Doogie Mother’s Day Gift EVER!

Being a Fur Baby Mama is a precious privilege, and our Fur Baby's puppyhood is quickly fleeting as I am discovering with the rapid growth of little Whisky, my 15 week old French Bulldog. With the advances in phone cameras you probably have loads of candid photos of your furkids, and maybe you even try to squeeze yourself in to some as well, but there are certain things you just can’t capture with selfies no matter how hard you try.

Unfortunately, our dogs don't share our lifespan, so please don’t let the precious memories of what you were like with your fur baby slip by, you will absolutely treasure those photos long after your pooch waits for you at Rainbow Bridge. Fur Baby Mum’s absolutely need to exist in photos with their furkids. You need to be in front of the camera for a change, instead of behind it.

For the Doggie Dad’s out there, you probably always have your phone on you, but do you ever stop to take pictures of the Mother of your Fur Babies with them? You know the one who stands by your side through thick and thin and who works hard looking after and nurturing your precious family and home?

Chances are she has taken lots of you with them, but have you ever really stopped and taken any of her with them? If you are like most Dad’s the answers probably a big fat “NO”.

But don’t feel bad, your are not alone….even if you have tried to take some photos of her, she is probably like most of the Mothers I meet, and fobbed you off with “I don’t have any make-up on", or "I feel to fat and unattractive", so the photo never ever gets taken.

The other special thing to capture is for both parents to be in photos with their fur kids. So even if you are in the “super pawparent” category and do take photos of each other with your Fur Babies, when do you ever get the chance to get a really great photo with both of you with them - YOUR FAMILY? Ahmmm - probably NEVER!

Drum Roll Please!!!! When you give a Fur Mother’s Day Gift of Love Certificate for a professional portrait session as a Mother’s Day present you will be giving the MOST AWESOME MOTHERS DAY GIFT EVER - Guaranteed to make her cry!

It can be used to spoil a Fur Mum on her own with her glad rags on feeling like the gorgeous Yummy Mummy she is, of her with her Fur Baby or Babies, or all of you together, Fur Dad included.

You can even surprise Fur Grandma with a Fur Mother’s Day Gift of Love Certificate on Mother Day and end up with legacy 3 generation portrait - how amazing would that be? She definitely will cry!!! No Question!

Call Karen on 0412 562 832 to organise yours NOW!

Spots are limited. Voucher is valid for 3 months from Mother’s Day.

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