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Prep for the Partridge Pup on "Gotcha Adoption Day"! 22.2.2021

Well the big day is finally here. Whisky was 8 weeks old yesterday and we are picking him up this afternoon from his breeder Caroline, (Galerie French Bulldogs). So this morning I have busily been setting up his bedding and area where I will start his crate and toilet training.

Unfortunately, my puppy play pen still has not arrived, but we will make to with the crate for now and worry about that later. The aim is to keep his world small and contained whilst helping him to adjust to his new family and surroundings, and of course lots of cuddles and trips outside to learn where he should do his business.

We will take some footage of us collecting him and the reaction he gets when he meets his Big Bro, Cebar for the first time when we get home.

Wish us luck with our newest Fur Baby! Can’t Wait!

Where did the time fly - I’m in crazy prep time for arrival of Whisky the Frenchie! Whilst I have been busy vlogging (be sure to check them out) about playing with my new dehydrator, some cool new arrivals, and madly chasing up items (like is puppy play pen) that were ordered weeks and weeks ago but haven’t arrived, time has crept up quickly with our little man turning 8 weeks yesterday and due to be picked up at 5.30pm tonight.

Extra Bits.....

So I have now set up his crate area ready for training (despite the non arrival of his puppy play pen yet) and I decided to invest in a doggie indoor toilet from Pet City at Wanneroo for $89. However, I couldn’t find the relevant link on their web site, so I have included the link for the same product from a different pet shop in this blog.

I want to encourage Whisky to follow his big brother in using the doggie door and going outside in the back yard to the toilet, but I thought it might be a good idea (especially at night time) to have something he can also use indoors until he has more control over his toileting. Well, that’s the theory we’ll see how it works out in practice.

Stay tuned for updates.


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