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My Latest Discovery - Healthy Dog Treats - even for dogs with Pancreatitis.

Updated: May 6, 2021

After my poor 9 year old Cocker Cavillier X, Cebar was suddenly struck down last year with Pancreatisits, safe and healthy doggie diet has become a bit of a mission for me.

The addition of little Whisky, our new French Bulldog puppy now just 13 weeks old, only increased my search of healthy treats that I could use for both him and his big bro, especially as I would be needing them for his training.

I shared an earlier blog and vlogs showing me home cooking some treat recipes I found on the Wiggle Worthy site Not only are these absolutely loved by my two fur babies but they get the big "paws-up" from my daughter’s two Schnauzers, Teah and Adah, and all the doggie friends who attended Adah’s First Barkday last month and received “doggie bags” of these.

That said, sometimes there is limited time and home cooking might not be a practical option for everyone or all the time - for me included!

I wasn’t really on the search, but that is often how the best things come to us, through serendipity. I was down in Dunsbrough for a few days photographing a Wedding, and before heading back home yesterday, I stopped in at the local Saturday Market for a bit of a general sticky beak! When I was suddenly attracted to a sign saying “Woofing Wonders” … of course as the Creative Excitement Officer for West Coast Woofers I thought I just had to check this out.

I got chatting with the lovely founder and owner of Woofing Wonders - Jilly Pleiter who lives there and she is has massive knowledge and experience working with dogs, including in 3rd world shelters, and is a qualified Animal Nutritionist and Holistic Animal Health Therapist.

Jilly explained that the Woofing Wonders ethos is to always use locally sourced WA ingredients where possible and other products sourced within Australia.

We had a lovely chat and I got some advice on which of her products would be the lowest fat options for a dog with pancreatitis. So the lucky Cebar and Whisky were surprised with a souvenir of Mama’s work trip with a bag of Woofing Whitebate (Superfood Selection) and the Woofing Kangaroo & Veggie Crackers (Tasty Crackers) - they love them BOTH!

I’m thrilled to say that after speaking with Jilly, West Coast Woofers will be able to offer your fur baby a special sample when you come for your photography session.


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