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Frenchie Pet Insurance

Everyone I have spoken to about† Frenchies, including my vet, and a friend who is a vet stress the need for full cover pet insurance asap - because any pre existing condition won't be covered so they need to get insured early!

More minor problems like skin issues and ear issues are not the huge ticket items, but BAOS, IVDD, Sub Luxating Patella, Cruciate Ligament, Heat Stroke and Eye Surgery can all be huge alone never mind combined.! I found this graphic on the internet but unfortunately the source didn't save in the title - so I can't reference where I got it from .....sorry about that!

In any case IT'S SCARY STUFF! So I have spend about 5 hours researching which pet insurance company will provide the right cover for little Whisky - just in case! I looked at 8 of the top recommended pet insurance companies but in the end there was really just one that would provide sufficient cover because not only did the cover all the conditions, and allow an high enough annual claim limit, but the didn't put sub limits on individual items. In other words the claim would be 80% refund of my costs, not 80% of the cost but only up to certain about for a given procedure. So drum roll please.....the winner is RSPCA!

Since it has just clocked past midnight, that mean's our little man will be finally coming home TODAY! So I am about to bite the bullet and put his application through to get him fully covered before I pick him up from Caroline (Breeder a Galerie French Bulldogs) at 5.30pm today! Stay tuned as Vince will be taking some footage of this momentous event! Can't wait to finally hold him in my arms and give him his first Mummy love, and receive my first Frenchie love in return!

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