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Cebar's Promotion to Big Bro!

Cebar would be SUPER EXCITED if he could read! We have of course been telling him about his wee little brother, Whisky who will be arriving on Monday 22.2.2021! It will be interesting to see how things go. Cebar is very gentle and good natured and gets on with every dog he meets, including my daughters dogs Teah (tea cup schnauzer) an Adah (miniature schnauzer) since they were puppies - but this will be different as this puppy won't be leaving!!!

As for Whisky, we get updates regularly from his breeder, Caroline, who is just amazing! So although we have only actually seen him once in the flesh (for a non contact visit at 4 weeks) we totally feel we know him and have seen him grow and develop so quickly. He has already exhibited his high intelligence, his dominance, as well as being a very chilled tart-bag!!! I have a feeling we are certainly all going to know we are ALIVE when he arrives - including Cebar!

I know that many people make these signs for their human kids, or when their Fur Baby is about to have a human baby arrive, but in this case it is a totally Fur Baby Family situation - and I decided to make a sign for Cebar!


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