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Cebar’s 10th Barkday (Birthday)

Wow can you believe Sept has swept passed already - only 82 days until Christmas! Shocking I know!

Well this blog is a little belated, but Sept has been very busy for us at Woofers with Whisky’s debut into Showing and his huge success at the Perth Royal Show, supported by TEAM WOOFERS (his big bro Cebar is his cheer squad and talent manager!) We have met many new gorgeous dogs in their Signature Fur Baby shoots - with a bit of a run on Frenchies, Daschunds and Terriers - and have some Artwork due to arrive any day and some still to have their big reveal at their viewing and ordering appointment. All this combined with getting ready for our upcoming first exhibition at a major Wedding Expo at the Perth Convention Centre and you will soon realise why this is only being posted now (a month late) - Sorry Cebar!

His birthday was on 1st of Sept but as we were having a fancy dress STAR (because Cebar is a Star) party we held his actual party on Sat 4th Sept 2021. Cebar was a Star Wars Bantha, Whisky was Darth Vader (although their costumes weren't on for very long!), Vince was The Mandalorian and I was Queen Amidala (which was very thick and warm!). Not all our guests could make it on the day unfortunately, but those that did had a fun time with lots of good food for both humans and dogs (all pancreatic safe for the birthday boy of course).

I put a lot of thought and planning into Cebar's party all year - its the only one he’s ever had and I wanted to make it really super special (went a bit overboard maybe?) and got some special items sent from the UK - a lady who makes rosettes for Crufts made some customised in Gold, Silver and Bronze for his Birthday and we award them to the Best Dressed Human, the Best Dressed Dog and the Best Dressed Duo (Human and Dog).

We had activities for the dogs, such as Pass the Pawrsel (with lovely doggie prizes) for all the dogs and their human helpers opened things for them. We had inkless paw print kits (like the use for baby hand and foot prints) that they could either use on the day or take home for later and of course lots of cuddles and doggie playtime.

The children got to “Adopt a Puppy” (toy) with a certificate and to give their new pet a check up with a little medical kit. They also got a fabric doggie bag filled with doggie themed goodies - necklace, broach, tattoo stickers, bracelets etc. They could complete a word slooth about Cebar, interpret doggie popularity graphs and match the dog breed to the country - I’m an ex teacher - so I had to put something educational in!

The dogs “Treat Bags” included a customised jar (using my Cricut Maker) of my homemade healthy treats (Cebar’s Favourites) as well as a dog themed cookie cutter and a customised container of dough to make their own at home. They each got a Doggie Bandana (which I sewed with love) and a cellophane bag containing some of my dehydrated chicken breast, kangaroo, sweet potatoe and homemade dog shaped biscuits with Cebar’s name imprinted on them (I ordered a cookie cutter to be made specially for him and got one for Whisky at the same time as his first birthday will be coming up just after Christmas).

I also ordered a pancreatic safe cake from Steph at Wholefood Hounds in the shape of a STAR as Cebar is a Star and that was the party theme. And 12 special individual PupCakes for Cebar's doggie friends.

Our friend’s David and Marlene from Passione Deli provided a gorgeous Charcuterie Board for the adult humans - YUM! There were plenty of fun and healthy options including fairy bread, popcorn, fruit platters etc for kids and the dogs also had plenty of food options, some backed in the shape of little bone cakes and frozen paw prints of beef and chicken bone broth and coconut cream and blueberry options.

It was a lot of work but so worth it, and quite a surprisingly hot day (probably not a great day for a lunch time party) but as it had rained all the week before my worry was for rain to hold off and thought it would be overcast - how wrong can you be!

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get my camera out as I had hoped - as I was just so busy all day - so I don’t have any great photos to share, but thanks to people with their phones at least you can get an idea of the fun and frolic we had.

I’d love you to share what you are planning or have done for your dog’s Barkday with us?

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